Work Experience

System Ingenior - Cloud expert @Capgemini

APR 2019 - Current Position

Let's see....

Network Ingenior - Cloud expert @Worldline

OCT 2018 - APR 2019

Creation of architecture, communication between cloud network and company network. Personal cloud, AWS, Azure, Terraform, OpenShift etc...

Devops @Nottle

APR 2018 - OCT 2018

Creation of architecture under AWS respecting IAC. Using Kubernetes, Docker, Terragrunt etc...

Php Developper @Celaneo

JUN 2016 - OCT 2017

Rewriting e-commerce website under PrestaShop, Development Drupal module, Creation of bank reconciliation tools under Symfony 3.

Auxiliary of life @Jeanne-de-valois

NOV 2015 - APR 2016

Accompaniment and help in the essential acts of daily life of dependent persons.

Maintenance agent @Mishlernet

MAY 2015 - JUN 2015

Internship for my BTS, customer relation, maintenance of company/particular computers.

Percussion teacher @City-music-Maing

APR 2012 - JUN 2014

Teach drum to student from 7 years old to 77.

Shop employee @SuperU

AUG 2013

Customer relation, gesture of stocks.


M.Sc2 @SUPINFO (Valenciennes - France)

SEP 2018 - Today

to discover.

M.Sc1 @SUPINFO (Tianjin - China)

SEP 2017 - JUL 2017

.NET, Prolog, JAVAEE, Agile/Lean Method, Virtualization, VoIP.

B.Sc1 @SUPINFO (Valenciennes - France)

SEP 2016 - JUL 2017

Java, Swift, NodeJS, Angular5, linux, windows server.

BTS SNIR @Armentière-highschool

SEP 2014 - JUL 2016

C++, PHP, architecture.

A Level @Escaut-highschool

SEP 2012 - JUL 2014

Chemical and physic option, major of promotion.

Percussion graduation

JUN 2012